This Week in Parenting - 29 Jan 2014

A study has found that negative parenting was related to negative self perception, aggression and poorer social cognitive functioning in children

A research review has found that fewer than one in five adolescents experience cyberbullying, contact with strangers, sexting, and pornography but that those particularly at risk are those with a lack of parental support.

Your parenting behavior and attitudes has been found to be affected by that of your partner

An international study has found that the perception of more neighbourhood danger was associated with more child agression

Authoritarian parenting has been found to greatly increase somatic symptoms in adolescents

A recent study suggests that adolescent borderline personality disorder predicts poor parenting behaviors rather than these parenting behaviors causing the personality disorder

Studies have suggested potential lifelong benefits to infants whose mother's followed a low GI diet during pregenancy

Teenagers have been found to be nonadherent with asthma medication, with those who percieved parental support as too high being more nonadherent


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