This week in parenting research - 8/1/14

Children of mothers who had gestational diabetes during the pregnancy have been found to have greater fat levels later in life

A study has found that infant birthweight is not associated with maternal diet during pregnancy

Massage therapy of babies with gastro-esophogal reflux disease has not been found to decrease reflux symptoms

A review of the evidence surrounding active video games has concluded that they may help in the exchange of sedentary time for light activity levels

A study has found children age 3 to 5 are most likely to have food choices influenced by commercials and media


A study has found a relationship between parental stress level, parental depression, relationships with other caregivers and positive beliefs about their own parenting

Adolescents whose father has an authoritative or authoritarian parenting style have been found to have higher levels of emotional intelligence 

A study has found mothers of toddlers who are facing life adversity and have little emotional support are more likely to regard their child as more obstinate and demanding and enjoy their interactions with their children less


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