This week in parenting 26/3/14

A study of elementary school students found that children of authoritative parents had lower exam anxiety and autocratic parents had higher exam anxiety.

Overparenting has been found to be associated with lower self-efficacy and maladaptive workplace tendencies in college students.

Adolescents whose parents are authoritative have been found to be less likely to drink heavily compared to adolescents whose parents are neglectful or indulgent.

Children who participate in team sports have been found to have a higher health related quality of life.

Stepparents tend to have higher levels of stress associated with parenting than biological parents, however a study has found that adjusting their views from traditional views about gendered family roles can significantly decrease these stress levels.

A decrease in the quality of child sleep has been shown to be associated with increased parent-child conflict and child problem behaviors over this time period.


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