This week in Parenting - 14/5/14

A study found a 30% decrease in scholastic achievement when a teenager was sleep deprived.

A study of obese children has indicated that the areas of the bone are weaker than those of lean children

A study has found that children of authoritarian and permissive parents had a higher tendency towards becoming addicted to drugs or alcohol.

There is more to attachment than just parenting style. A study has shown that infants who have a certain breathing trait and mothers who are considered negative-intrusive are more likely to have disordered attachment at 12 months than those without the breathing trait who also had negative-intrusive mothers.

Adults whose parents were warmer have been shown to be at a decreased risk of chronic health conditions and functional limitations with this effect being particularly strong for warmth in the same sex parent.

A psychological review has indicated that parental depression is a risk factor for the behavioral, emotional and neurobiological developmental of children. Maternal depression was a particularly strong risk factor.

Parents also benefit from changes in parenting stance. A study has found that a relief of depressive symptoms in parents who changed from harsh to supportive parenting.

Parental support for physical activity has been found to increase the amount of moderate to vigourous physical activity children participated in, particularly if parents were passive or authoritarian.


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