This week in parenting: 28/8/14

A study about pumping in women who had breast milk concerns one month after birth showed that although pumping gave a feeling of additional control there were negative issues related to the creation of milk supply concern, pain, interference with other nuturing experiences and frustration with caregiver advice.

Insecure attachments in infancy has been found to be associated with a brain change in the amgydala area in adults.

A study has shown that enrolment in structured activities did not influence any of children's developmental outcomes.

A study has shown that children who do not have risk factors for metabolic syndrome exhibit better inhibitory control and increased cognitive flexibility than children with risk factors. 

A trial of omega - 3 supplementation in children with behavioural problems showed a sustained reduction in behavioural problems in those who received supplementation.

A literature review has found that preschoolers spend up to 2.5 hour days involved in screen time at child care, with it being greater in centre based child care.


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