This fortnight in parenting: 6/11/14

systematic review has suggested that their may be an increased likelihood of autism when a baby is delivered via caesarean section.

Behavioural problems
study has found that toddler girls were more likely to display problems if their mother had reported negative infant emotionality and sleeping problems.

Family changes to the ratio of income to needs was found to predict changes in behavioral problems in children up to the age of 3.

Aggressive behaviour from either parent has been found to increase the likelihood of opposotional defiant disorder.

study has found that in children with learning disorders the prescence of authoritarian or permissive parenting led to an increase in anxiety disorders.

Two genes have been identified that act alongside parenting to influence self-control and offending.

A study from Abu Dhabi  has found that parental involvement in school decreases the undesirable behaviours including being easily distracted, acting sad and arguing with others.

Father's and mother's sensitive and supportive parenting at 24 months was found to impact a child's executive functioning at age 3.

Intimate partner violence occurring early in a child's life has been shown to effect their executive functioning at school age.

Mothers who use an authoritative parenting style have been found to slightly influence the academic performance of first year college students.

Couples who shared responsibility for infant soothing were found to have fathers who felt more confident in parenting and mothers who were less upset by infant crying.

Authoratitive parenting was found to predict greater sympathy for others in four year old children.

study has found that male infants with an easy temperament were most vulnerable to the effects of parental sensitivity on the development of callousness.

Mothers with higher levels of state anxiety were found to be more engaged in processing infants cues.

Both permissive and authoritative parenting have been found to increase assertiveness in teenage boys while authoritarian parenting decreased it.

A study has found that hostile parenting from the mother appears to increase teenager's self-report of victimization by their peers.

Negative relationships with parents appear to influence disordered eating in teenagers, with the relationship being particularly strong for the relationship between fathers and daughters.

Permissive parenting was found to increase the likelihood of negative forms of attachment in teenager's romantic relationships, while authoritative relationships have been found to decrease this likelihood.

Duration of internet use in teenagers was found to be linked to alcohol, tobacco, illegal drug use and other psychosocial problems.

A study from the UK has found that more deprived households are overrepresented in incidences of fractures, burns and poisonings in children.

study has found that adolescents who were born before 34 weeks and after 42 weeks participated in less physical activity than children who were not.

People who encountered higher levels of adversity in childhood were found to have worse health and more chronic diseases later in life.

A study has found that normal weight children had a significantly higher health related quality of life than obese children but that their parents appeared unaware of this impact.


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