This week in parenting 13/11/14

The most common method of accidental poisoning of children has been found to be ingestion of medications followed by household products. Most parents do not contact poison control prior to taking their child to hospital.

Restrictive feeding practices have been found to result in emotional eating in overweight children and excessive snacking in non-overweight children.

Formula supplementation of a breastfeeding baby has been found to have immediate and long lasting effects on the infant's gut microbiome which may be responsible for mucosol inflammation and disease, autoimmune conditions and allergic disorders.

Mental health
Parental care has been found to decrease the presence of additional psychiatric symptoms in incoming college students with ADHD while parental overprotection increased these symptoms.

Family dysfunction alongside ADHD has been found to be associated with the persistence of antisocial behaviour into adulthood.

study has found that attendance at a residential 'sleep school' improved maternal mood, sense of competence, sleep and perception of bonding with child and child temperament in spite of not improving the child's sleep.

The relationship between physical aggression and poor language ability has been found to be minimal and limited to the developmental period when these are both substantially improving.

study has suggested that early childhood adversity affects personality traits important for the building of social connection.

Rooming in was found to significantly increase the likelihood of breastfeeding.

study has found that breastfed babies wake less before the age of 3 months, but more after the age of 3 months than babies that were mixed or bottle fed.

study has found that paternal overinvolvement was associated with increased infant anxiety.

A study has found that lower maternal acceptance was associated with somatic symptoms of anxiety in teenagers and higher anxiety and depressive symptoms in non-hispanic white teenagers.

Both permissive and authoritarian parenting have been found to decrease teenage self esteem and increase alcohol use while authoritartive parenting was found to do the opposite.

A study from Nigeria has found that authoritative parenting significantly improved secondary students achievements in English.

Supporting your child's autonomy, particularly during tasks they find challenging has been found to be advantageous to behavior and social competence.

Parents attachment style and authoritative parenting style were found to be predictive of the outcomes of adoptions.

study from China has found that grandparents and their children differ in their perception of the grandparent role and conflicted over the management of the grandchildren.

A systematic review has found that the authoritative parenting style is the most effective in enhancing academic performance of young children.


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