This week in Parenting: 17/12/14

Parental feeding styles have been found to be associated with child BMI only when in the prescence of child traits (emotional eating, fusiness).

A study has shown that children of 'normal' weight have greater motor skills compared to those of other weight groups.

Food anaphylyaxis rates have found to be low at all ages but highest in young children. 


Negative events in childhood including school difficulties, parental stress and social isolation were found to be associated with mental health issues that could persist into adulthood.

Children's perception of their parents acceptance or rejection of them was found to predict behavioral problems, school performance and social competence.

Training of parents in emotion-socialisation has been shown to decrease mental health issues in teenagers.

Parenting stress has been found to be higher in parents of school aged children.

A study of adopted children has found that the non-child related family stress was more likely to result in mental health issues or behavioral problems in the children if authoritarian parenting was used and less likely to occur if authoritative parenting was used.

The effects of non-supportive parenting on DNA changes have been found to be mediated by increased substance use in children of non-supportive parents.

Monitoring, warmth and autonomy support have been found to be related to 8th graders aspirations for the future.


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