This week in parenting: 4/12/14

Prenatal maternal anxiety has been linked to the development of symptoms such as anxiety and depression later in life.

Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy were found to be more likely to be smokers themselves as well as more likely to have lower IQ and lower overall functioning.

There is a suggestion that paracetamol use in pregnancy or early life may increase the incidence of asthma, however it is not clear how much paracetamol use increases risk above that of upper respiratory tract infections.

Parent perceived control behaviour has been found to be significantly related with elementary school achievement.

Exposure to early life stress has been shown to increase the relationship between negative life events and the onset of symptoms such as anxiety and depression.

Repeated high frequency spanking has been found to have more deleterious effects in children who were already at high risk.

study has found that prior to expectations, rough and tumble play from fathers increased children's anxiety symptoms.

Children with authoritative and permissive fathers were found to be most likely to consume fruit and vegetables.

A study has found that 98% of teenagers participated in a cyberbullying activity in the last month and 72% participated in a risk taking behaviour but that authoritative parenting reduced this incidence.

study has found no relationship between parenting styles and academic performance of college students.

Restrictive cannabis-specific rules were found to predict less use of cannabis and other illicit drugs by teenagers.

Special needs
Children with ADHD and a particular genotype have been found to be particularly susceptible to the effects of their mother's feelings about caregiving in the development of anxiety or depression symptoms.

study has found that only one third of parents of children with mental health difficulties recognised their child's behavioural difficulties.

Changes in an oxytocin genotype in the mother was found to predict her warmth towards her children.

Your parenting may be inherited from your parents, with a study showing that supportive parenting as an adult was predicted by observed maternal sensitivity in the first three years of life.

People with musical training have been found to be more capable of determining infant distress by the pitch of the infants cry.


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