This week in parenting: 15/1/15

An Australian study has shown a significant decline in a serious bowel disorder since the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine.

Maternal rejection has been found to be associated with social anxiety in adults while maternal overprotection was associated with obsessive-compulsive symptoms.

A study of socioeconomically deprived preschoolers found that parent responsiveness improved cognitive function and parent use of inferential language improved emotion knowledge.

Epidural and pethidine use during labour was found to decrease the likelihood of breastfeeding, while the use of breathing techniques and massage increased the likelihood.

A study has found that in families of low socioeconomic background, 'active cultivation' increased the likelihood of academic success.

In families experiencing a high level of stress family dinner time rituals have been found to be protective on child outcomes, particularly for girls.

Parental positivity and nuturant parenting has been found to be associated with positivity in teenagers.

Caregiver sensitivity in childcare was found to be associated with child cognitive outcomes but the level required was found to be higher than that usually found in child care.

Child lifestyle factors including the use of both old and new forms of screen media was found to be related to child BMI status.


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