This week in parenting 19/2/15

Parents wishes for their children before they are born have been found to be related to parental sensitivity and developmental outcomes at 24 months.

Controlling parenting has been found to be related to behavioural problems in teenagers.

More stress related to parenting has been found to increase the chance of parents being harsh with their children.

Sensitive parenting was found to be related to increased brain activity in infants when they saw positive facial expressions.

Authoritarian parenting has been found to linked to decreased self esteem in children with ADHD.

The way parents present verbal information has been suggested to be linked with mechanisms associated with the development of anxiety.

Household chaos (noise, lack of routine, disorganization, crowdedness) was found to be linked to children's cognitive skills.

Father's who were involved in their children's lives were found to have children with less behaviour problems in Pacific Islanders.

Positive information about a feared object was found to be the most effective strategy at reducing fear responses in 7 - 11 year old children.


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