This week in parenting: 25/4/15

Obesity has been found to be associated with persistent asthma, particularly for weight above the 90% percentile.

Girls who had impaired growth in utero have been found to be particularly vulnerable to attention problems at age 4.

Intrusive parenting has been found to be linked to a weaker couple identity in adult children, possible due to causing a weaker self identity.

A study has found that phone use by parents at playgrounds was actually a small period of time but a substantial source of guilt.

cochrane review has shown an improvement in protective behaviours in children exposed to school based programmes on child sexual abuse.

Post partum depression has been found to be linked to disturbed gaze activity in 4 month old infants, which may have effects on their cognitive development

Parental and grandparent involvement has been found to decrease the incidence of mental health and behavioural problems in South African teenagers.

Inductive parenting has been found to be significant in reducing the effects of delinquent peers.

Resilience has been found to be a key factor in protecting teenagers from online risks.


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