This week in parenting 28/6/15

Suggestions to forgive a bully in a school bullying environment has been shown to lead to signifitantly less anger by victims of bullies.

Inconsistent discipline, maternal depression and maternal overprotectiveness were all shown to increase the chance of clinical anxiety in preschoolers.

A study has found a relationship between parenting style andt child temperament on early developmental gains such that authoritarian parenting of  an easy child led to increased motor development and verbal development while authoritaritive parenting of a difficult child led to cognitive gains.

Pain-related behaviors of parents with chronic pain were shown to increase their adult children's evaluation of pain.

The quality of early parenting has been found to predict brain functions to do with attention and control and problem behavior with sensitive parenting decreasing problem behavior by promoting children's self regulation.

Maternal psychological distress and maternal overprotectiveness were found to decrease child functioning and lead to lower quality of life in children with food allergies.

The effect of depression symptoms on child agressive symptoms were found to be particularly strong for children of highly educated mothers.

A study has found the majority of parents of teenagers performing self harm are unaware of it.

A study of mexican young teens found that parental monitoring and warmth had positive effects on the children's social competence.

Parental school involvement, communication with the school and encouragement of the child were found to be important in high achieving children from low socioeconomic backgrounds.


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