This week in parenting: 15/8/15

Authoritarian parenting was found to be the parenting style most likely to lead to delinquency across all racial groups.

Family and friends were found to be the source where most mother's recieved their information on baby feeding.

Longer duration of breastfeeding was found to reduce the risk of childhood cancer.

Math anxious parents were found to worsen their child's achievement and attitude towards math if they helped with homework.

Punishment in response to academic underachievement was found to predict lower literary and math achievement five years later.

Better internet knowledge, an authoritative parenting style, more involvement in children's online activities and a positive attitude towards the internet were found to be associated with higher parenting confidence in supervising internet activities.

Higher levels of maternal acceptance were found to be associated with lower levels of school stress and higher academic achievement.

The use of online parenting resources has been found to be helpful for postnatal depression and confidence in parenting abilities.


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