This week in parenting 30/1/16

A study from Japan has found that first time mothers over the age of 35 interacted more favourably with their children but experienced more parenting stress.

Mother's who reported not having relationship difficulties with their baby but were observed to be insensitive were found to be more likely to show signs of attachment difficulties.

study has found that after controlling for factors such as marital status, parenting stress, race, education and socio-economic status there was no relationship between postpartum depression and the behavior of the infant at 12 months.

study has found that the ability to correctly identify and reflect on their own attachment relationships by mothers helped in the inhibition of negative parenting practices and protected their infants against forming insecure attachments. 

Positive parenting by father's was found to be protective against behavioral problems, anxiety and depression for children who had less flexible temperaments.

Parents who experienced more adverse childhood experiences when they were children were found to experience more distress in their parenting role.

Beliefs about the importance of sensitivity in parenting were found to not significantly influence whether a mother displayed sensitive behaviors when interacting with their children. 

Parenting practices including poor monitoring, inconsistency, corporal punishment, low norms and preventing autonomy were found to increase the likelihood of feeding disorders in preschoolers.

Positive parenting behaviors and a lack of anxious affect from the parent was found to be protective against the emotional effect of negative peer-events on teenagers but not against other negative events.

Four primary strategies have been identified which assist in the ability for families to suceed at making healthy lifestyle changes: meal planning, shared goals, modelling of good behaviors and collective activities.

Iron deficiency in children aged 12-36 months was found to be more likely in children who did not eat meat or meat alternatives, breastfed for longer, drank more than 2 cups of milk a day and had a higher BMI.

Dental treatment under general anasthetic for early childhood caries was found to improve the parent's perception of the child's health related quality of life and improve the families the functioning.


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