This week in parenting 20/2/16

Children under 5 who attended daycare were found to have slightly less (up to 15 minutes) of parent reported outdoor free playtime than children of the same age who did not attend daycare.

A study of young children using video games found that a more controlling parenting style and parent's perceiving gaming as more addictive increased the likelihood of the child exhibiting defiant behavior a year later.

The level to which mother's experience parenting hassles (e.g. children getting dirty, stress of getting children ready) has been found to help to explain the relationship between social support and parenting stress (feelings of anxiety about the demands of parenting) and maternal health and parenting stress.

study of infants has found that mother's initiated touch was related to the mother's emotional availability in terms of sensitivity, structuring and non intrusiveness.

study of Australian women found that pregnancy and parenting apps were commonly used but that many women did not assess the validity of the content they were given in the apps nor consider security concerns. 

A study of college students found that parental psychological control contributed to perfectionistic tendencies in terms of their personal standard, the degree to which they are concerned about mistakes and their doubts about their actions.

Authoritative parenting style has been found to be positively linked to the emotional intelligence of high school students.

A study from China found that teenage children of permissive parents have more close friends online.

In spite of the recommendation for vaccines against influenza during pregnancy and vaccines against whooping cough in the third trimester, it has been found that the uptake of these vaccines are low.

study from India has suggested a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and recurrent wheezing in young children.


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