This week in parenting: 13/8/16

A study has found that socio-emotional problems in children at two years old were strongly related to maternal depression both before and after the birth.

An overprotective mothering style was found to predict increased levels of narcissism in boys.

Differences in mother's reactions to infants distress was found to influence children's ability to regulate emotions and their  aggression levels.

An obesogenic home environment was found to decrease healthy eating habits, while parental role modelling was found to increase them, however these factors were not found to have any influence on BMI scores.

Children of mother's with higher BMIs were found to have poorer social development (more problem behaviors and lower social competence), this may be influenced by mother's parenting stress and mother's emotional availability.

Exposure to more frequent parental separation in childhood and adolescence was found to influence negatively on the children's parenting in the future.

Parental expectancy and involvement were found to positively influence secondary student's homework effort.

Studies claiming to find a cure for dyslexia and ADHD via motor co-ordination training have been criticised for poor research quality and an absence of proof of effectiveness.

A study has found that parent's need more education on the absence of effectiveness of antibiotics on upper respiratory tract infections (colds, flus etc).


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