This week in parenting: 19/11/16

A study of US mexican youth has found that children of authoritative parents had higher levels of prosocial behavior than those who had parents who were less involved or moderately demanding.

Socially withdrawn, shy or inhibited children have been found to benefit from parental affection more than their non-withdrawn peers in the transition to primary school.

Children with difficult temperaments have been found to benefit more from parental behavioral control than children of other temperaments during first grade.

Socially withdrawn children were found to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of maternal psychological control having increased prosocial skills and less problem behavior but more symptoms of anxiety and depression in this situation.

A study of teenagers playing australian rules football has found that the incidence of head injury and concussion is lower than that of rugby or american football.

Parents who reported that their monitoring of their children was poorer were found to have children with poorer immune functioning and higher levels of inflammation.

Children of mothers who have depressive symptoms were found to have lower cognitive scores up until the age of 5 years.


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