This week in parenting: 19/3/15

A study from Ethiopia has found that authoritarian and authoritative parenting alongside communication about sexual issues and parental monitoring were protective against risky sexual behaviour.

Authoritative parenting has been found to improve family outcomes in families with children with ADHD.

Child report of more positive family management practices has been found to predict a lower likelihood of adolescent substance abuse.

Children from authoritarian and permissive households were found to be 40% and 31% more likely to be overweight respectively compared to children from authoritative households.

Breastfeeding, limiting sodium intake, reduction of saturated fats, increase of polyunsaturated fats, reducing intake of trans fatty acids and the use of a specific meal pattern in children  under 3 years old have all been found to be beneficial for their long term health outcomes.

Parental aggression has been found to interact with adversity in a teenagers to make changes in the hormonal systems that may predict later health issues.


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