This week in parenting 1/8/15

A cochrane review has found polyunsaturated fat supplementation in pregnancy reduced allergy incidence to the age of 3 years but not beyond that.

Teenagers who learn mindfulness were found to have less depression and anxiety and higher academic achievement.

Children with low self-regulation ability were found to be more affected by the quality of their childcare with those in low quality care having poorer social competence,

Siblings who compare themselves to each other were found to have more depression, warmer relationships with their siblings and more sibling conflict.

Children who did not experience sensitive parenting were found not to have a cortisol response to a distressing situation while children who had experienced high levels of sensitive parenting did.

Fathers who were more controlling in their parenting were found to reduce their child's self control skills.

Children who are irritable were found to be particularly affected by negative parenting, with it increasing their likelihood for conduct problems.

A study of college students has found maternal overprotection is significantly related to smartphone addiction.

A study has found that spending time with children in the evening led to more positive and cheerful emotions while reading with children at bedtime helped with their comprehension and language capability.


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