This week in parenting: 19/3/16

Engagement in physical activity for more than an hour a day has been found to increase the academic achievement of teenagers.

Parenting style was found to significantly influence the problem solving ability of teenagers.

Contemporary parenthood is considered to be marked by contradictions, in particular between values of self-realization, commitment and the value of parenthood. These contradictions are considered to bring stress and anxiety to the parent which damages their view of themselves as a parent.

A study from South Africa has found that parenting styles significantly affect the decision making ability of teenagers and the parenting style of the father in particular was found to influence teenager's engagement in healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Triangulation of the parent's relationship (one parent forcing the child into an alliance against the other parent) as well as the parent's own emotion dismissing beliefs were found to significantly relate to parent's unsupportive responses to toddler's emotions.

A study of adults who had had cancer as children found that maternal intrusive decision making was related to increased level of depression in the adults, while maternal infantilization practices and parenting stress was related to increased levels of depression and anxiety in the adults via its effects on maternal coping style.

Higher levels of psychological flexibility on the part of parents was found to be indirectly related to internalising and externalising problems throughout childhood, via its effects on adaptive parenting practices.

The effect of maternal depression on teenagers has been found to be influenced by the overall family functioning including cohesion, problem solving, responsibility, conflict and emotional expression with better functioning families being protective.


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