This week in parenting: 30/4/16

A study has found cardiovascular biomarkers are linked to physical activitiy levels in 3 to 6 year old children.

Coming from larger families (in particular more than 3) was found to be negatively related with children's abilities to consider other's thoughts and motivations unless an older sibling had high levels of cognitive sensitivity.

Kindergarteners were found to be more likely to cheat at tasks if there was a reward for succesful completion.

Mindful parenting has been found to improve children's well being by increasing a child's perception of a secure relationship with their parents.

Religiosity has been found to be associated with increased parenting satisfaction across a variety of family structures.

Higher agression levels in a first born child was found to significantly predict the level of sibling antogonism present at 4 and 12 months after the birth of the second born child.

Maternal responsiveness was found to be positively associated to more positive conflict resolution skills in teenagers (more problem solving and less withdrawal), while psychological control was associated with more destructive conflict resolution skills.

Support by a father figure was found to influence the developing of children's cognitive skills in early and middle childhood, while maternal parenting also influenced children's cognitive skills in middle childhood.


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