This week in parenting: 8/10/16

In a study of low income African American teenagers, high levels of parental monitoring was  associated with higher school engagement and lower substance use, delinquency and unsafe sex.

Early high quality parenting has been found to be protective against long term reading, math and fine motor skills in children who were born small for gestational age. 

A higher level of general parenting was found to be associated with a healthier family lifestyle overall as well as better food parenting practices.

Higher ability of neighbours to control others behaviors were found to directly influence child behavior problems 

The authoritative parenting style was found to be a significant predictor of academic motivation.

The degree of marital satisfaction, verbal conflict and constructive communication in a relationship was found to influence children's behaviors with children's behaviors found to improve with improved communication. 

A study from China has found that parenting practices of warmth, coercion and permissiveness all affect children's delinquency by mediating the process of social control and social learning. 


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