This week in parenting - 29/1/17

A study has indicated that parenting in the early years may shape children's temperament with more positive parenting leading to a more regulative (self-controlling) temperament.

Children were found to be more likely to experience bruxism if their mother had depressive symptoms.

Mothers who provided support for autonomy were found to have children who engaged better with tasks and had higher reading achievement skills overall.

A study of 8 to 10 year old children has found children are confused about the difference between conflict and bullying and are confused by the best response to a bullying situation due to conflicting message from parents and school.

A study of obese and overweight teenagers found that TV viewing time and family encouragement were the biggest predictors of teenagers being ready to attempt to lose weight.

Spanking has been found to influence adult mental health problems in much the same way as physical and emotional abuse and has been found to have effects on some mental health problems including suicide attempts, moderate to heavy drinking and use of street drugs, over and above the effect of physical and emotional abuse.

Parent uploaded videos of children's illnesses have been found to be either poor clinical examples or of insufficient quality to provide useful information to other parents.

Parental support, and the use of psychological or  reactive control by parents were found to be associated with teenager's rating of loneliness.

Levels of assertiveness in children were found to be increased by parental emotional warmth and emotional rewards and decreased by over-protection, while aggressiveness was decreased by emotional warmth and increased by over-protection.


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