This week in parenting - 12/2/14

Adolescents whose parents use psychological control have been found to have greater anger and depressive symptoms

Recommendations have been made that children of separated parents stay overnight with their father even at a toddler and baby age

A study has found that teenagers who have more prosocial purpose perceive their parents parenting quality as higher

A gene has been identified that increases maternal sensitivity

Parents stress levels have been shown to mediate the relationship between economic hardship and the development of internalizing and externalizing problems for children

Accurate maternal knowledge of infant development has been shown to positively affect parenting

Inconsistent discipline may increase oppositional defiance disorder symptoms in some situations

Children who have experienced a natural disaster have been found to be at an increased risk of post traumatic stress disorder when parents report changed thoughts themselves after the disaster and that they have changed their parenting style to be more protective, less encouraging of independence and communicating more about danger

Online courses and self help workbook from recognized parenting programs have been found to be equally as good in changing parenting behavior.


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