This week in parenting: 18/4/15

Fathers who were more accesible to their partners and their children were found to have mothers with more positive parenting behaviors.

Authoritative parenting was found to decrease the incidence of depression in chinese elementary school children.

Exposure to baby crying has been found to increase negative feelings, anxiety and decrease confidence about parenting abilities.

Violent video game exposure has been found to be linked to hyperactivity in school age children who were at low risk for developing hyperactivity.

Children of mothers with postnatal depression were found to have a 72% decrease imitative behavior at 12 months.

Children living in stepfather families were found to experience above average parenting and parental relationship quslity.

Impoved scores in students doing the international baccalaureate have been found for teenagers whose parents were more responsive, less demanding and more autonomy granting.

Children of authoritative parents were found to be more likely to complete higher education.

Parental criticism was shown to have a direct influence on teenager somatic symptoms.


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