This week in parenting: 31/5/15

Harsh discipline was found to increase symptoms of borderline personality disorder in teenage girls with poor self control.

Babies who have a persistent cough or a cough without a cold have been found to be at increased risk of asthma.

Traditional bullying has been found to have longer lasting psychological effects than cyberbullying.

New parenting guidelines have been released to help parents reduce the likelihood of childhood depression or anxiety.

Maternal sensitivity and the quality of the home environment was found to predict cognitive and language outcomes in low income black children while maternal depression and social support was found to predict social and behaviour outcomes.

Preschoolers (4-6 year olds) were found to spend an average of 45 minutes a day using smartphones and higher smart phone usage was found to be related to hyperactive-disruptive behavior and lower parenting efficacy.

Authoritative parenting has been found to be linked to improved life satisfaction and academic achievement.

A study of Romanian adolescents has found that the level to which parents and adolescents conflict was a better predictor of development than the frequency of conflicts.


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