This week in parenting 13/6/15

Mother's emotional availability was shown to improve four year olds understanding of how others have separate thoughts.

Parents whose parenting was classified as high involvement and supportive were found to have children with decreased intake of calorie dense snacks.

A study has found that mothers of preschool aged children who participated in a musical activity program had an increase in their confidence as a parent and overall resilience.

The majority of deaths from traffic related fatalities has been found to occur in 1- 4 year olds with 28% being run over as cars reversed.

A study has found that  overweight teenage girls have poor understanding of the causes of being overweight and how best to manage it.

Use of affection by mother's was found to increase their son's use of positive parenting techniques later in life while use of control was associated with negative parenting techniques.

Low parental monitoring and the use of persuasive control techniques at the age of 6 was found to increase alcohol use in teenagers.

Parents with less positive mood were found to have a more uninvolved feeding style.

19% of children hospitalised due to chickenpox were found to have ongoing problems at the time of discharge.

A study has found a relationship between a mother's expression of her fears and her child's anxiety.

Changes in children's BMI between the age of 4 and 8 was found to be most related to appetite traits and unrelated to physical activity or television watching.

Moderating parenting stress and an associated perceived dysfunctional interactions has been suggested to decrease adverse outcomes in teenage girls with ADHD.

Children whose parents show more support for their independence at the age of 4 - 5 have been found to decrease their bullying more than children whose parents do not support their autonomy.

Teenagers were found to be at the highest risk of marijuana use when their parents never or seldom engaged in authoritative parenting.

More family support and informal networks were found to be protective against depression and increase academic performance in children from military families.


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