This week in parenting 19/9/15

A comparison between UK teenagers in 1980 and 2012 found that teenagers today are less likely to smoke or be exposed to smoking and are less likely to have infectious diseases and hearing problems but were more likely to be overweight, have allergies, asthma and sight problems

Sleep disordered breathing in children was found to be associated with poorer academic performance and unsatisfactory progress at school.

Children who attended daycare before 24 months were found to be at increased risk of infections with more attendance at emergency rooms and more use of antibiotics

Children were found to have less screen time when parents limited their own gaming.

Less sensitive parenting on the part of mothers and harsher parenting from fathers was found to have deleterious effects on children's knowledge about their thinking, control over their thinking and self-control.

A mother's attachment to their foetus in pregnancy and how their relationship adjusts to the pregnancy has been found to be good predictors of how much stress the mother will feel 3 months after the baby is born.

Authoritarian and permissive parenting were found to increase the likelihood of oppositional defiant disorder in school going boys.

For mothers, increased marital tensions were found to reduce the quality of parenting

The use of aggressive humour and self defeating humour by teenagers was found to increase the likelihood of them engaging in cyber bullying.

Higher parental intrusiveness was found to be associated with more teenager-parent hostility in interactions.

A meta-analysis has found that parental warmth, behavioural control, autonomy granting and authoritative parenting was associated with increased academic performance in teenagers while harsh control, psychological control and neglectful, authoritarian and permissive parenting was associated with decreased academic performance.

Teenagers were found to be more receptive to parent advice about social matters when the quality of coaching provided was higher and when the relationship between parent and teenager had more warmth and less hostility.



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