This week in parenting 5/9/15

Teenagers who experiment with cannabis were shown to have a greater response to negativity in faces than teenagers who did not.

A study has found that parenting style impacted on children's behaviour at the dentist, with children of permissive parents showing more negative behaviours and anxiety.

Increased parental monitoring and the perception of helicopter parenting by high school students has been found to be related to increased procrastination on study related activities.

A review of hospital visits in Queensland has found that wheeled recreational device use by children accounted for 5% of all hospital admissions over 24 hours and that many of the injuries were preventable with better use of protective equipment.

Improved maternal diet quality during pregnancy has been found to be associated with a reduced risk of some congenital heart defects in the baby.

Mothers with depression or poor mother-child relationships were found to have an altered neural response to their child's distress.


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