This week in parenting 14/11/15

Satisfaction with childcare facilities has been found to influence work-parenting conflicts in working mothers.

Mothers who rated their competence as a parent higher when their child was 3 were found to have more engagement with their child when they are 5.

Parental control has been found to improve teenage sleep quality while parent-child conflict was related to more trouble in maintaining sleep.

Divorced parents who co-parented cooperatively were found to have higher levels of positive family functioning and lower externalizing and internalizing problems in their children than parents who had high conflict or who were undermining.

Mindful parenting, particularly being non-judgemental about her own ability as a mother and person, was found to reduce levels of parenting stress, depression and general stress.

It has been found that central to whether a child feels secure living in both homes of divorced parents is the degree to which the child feels secure and held in mind, the degree to which they feel free to access the absent parent, the degree to which they feel the arrangement is responsive to their needs and the integration they feel between the two homes.

Maltreating children who reminisced more about everyday events were found to protect their children from some of the effects of maltreatment on emotion knowledge and receptive language.

A study of teenage mothers has found that psychological control by the grandmother of the teenage mother was found to increase the likelihood of abuse and the use of punitive discipline by the mother therefore affecting externalizing problems in the grandchildren.


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