This week in parenting: 22/11/15

A study has found that mother's use of psychological control with high levels of negative emotions in children regardless of a child's temperament while a father's use of psychological control increased negative emotions only in children with a difficult temperament.

Children of mothers who had depression during or after pregnancy were found to be at increased risk of accidental poisoning, burns and fractures.

Parenting attitudes, in particular support for spanking and valuing obedience, has been found to be stringly llinked to socioeconomic status.

Authoritative parenting has been found to decrease the likelihood of a child being shy.

Maternal warmth and sensitivity has been shown to predict a child's ability to control their behavior at 30 months and their sympathy and pro-social behaviour at 5 years.

A study has found that probiotic supplementation may delay the development of eczema.

A study has found that pacifier use had no significant difference in sleep patterns, whether parents were involved in settling or night wakings.

Father's positive parenting was found to be increased when they felt more accepted by their wives.


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