This week in parenting 5/12/15

Children with sleep difficulties were found to be more likely to have behavioural problems at 4 years of age as reported by their mother.

systematic review has found that uninvolved, indulgent or highly protective parenting was associated with a higher child BMI while authoritative parenting was associated with a healthy BMI. Indulgent feeding was also found to be associated with a higher BMI while other feeding styles tended to be linked to characteristics of the child.

Physical activity based parenting practices were found to be more strongly associated with 5-6 year olds moderate to vigorous physical activity levels than parenting style.

The best predictor of child fear of dental pain has been found to be the parent's fear of this pain.

Permissive and authoritative parenting have both been found to result in higher levels of self esteem than authoritarian parenting.

Premature infants were found to function at the same level as full term infants when exposed to high levels of co-parenting structuring.

study of parenting over generations in India has found that parenting styles tend to pass from generation to generation but that younger generations were less likely to use punishment and gave more freedom.

Disengaged mothers have been found to be predictive of higher levels of anxiety in children.

Social media has been identified as having a large impact on mental health of young people, in particular self-esteem and well being.

A study of African American youth found that they were authoritarian parenting was less harmful and authoritative parenting less beneficial than it was for Caucasian youth.

Parental warmth was found to decrease the likelihood of teenager suicide where as psychological control increased it.

Improvements in self-regulation by teenagers were found to be associated with higher levels of relationship quality between the mother and the teenager and low levels of discipline by the mother.

Providing guidance on children's writing has been found to predict children's literacy.

study of 4 to 6 year old children found that skills learnt on a touch screen were easily transferred to a physical version.

Authoritative parenting alongside increased parental involvement in school were found to improve educational functioning of children with special needs.


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