This week in parenting: 18/2/17

Teenagers who experience harsh parenting were found to be at increased risk of low educational attainment as well as delinquency and early sexual behavior (in girls), due to harsh parenting putting the teenagers at risk of an extreme peer orientation.

Teenagers were found to be more likely to misuse alcohol when parents provided them with alcohol, parents were more positive about alcohol and they were exposed to parental drinking. They were found to be less likely to misuse alcohol when their behavior was more heavily monitored and when they had a higher quality relationship with their parent including more support and parental involvement.

A high quality of communication, negative reactions or punishments and setting norms about smoking were found to decrease the likelihood of teenagers smoking.

Three to ten year old children were found to have higher self-control and lower impulsivity when parent's used a democratic parenting style while spoiling, neglectful, authoritarian and inconsistent parenting styles were all found to lower self control and increase impulsivity.

Twelve and twenty four month olds of mothers who were stressed prenatally were found to have lower cognitive development compared to the children of mothers who were not stressed prenatally.


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