This week in parenting: 25/2/17

Mothers were found to be more intrusive in girls who had a higher level of fearfulness.

Preschool children were found to be at a lower risk of nutrition problems when children were involved in meal preparation, mother's encouraged balance and variety and father's modelled heathy behaviors.

The use of food as a reward has been found to be linked to children overeating for emotional reasons, with the effect influenced by the child's only self regulatory ability.

A study of Turkish children has found that maternal responsiveness and the use of harsh discipline at age 3 was associated with a subsequent linear trajectory of agression over the next five years.

Authoritative parents were found to be more likely to have children who showed prosocial behaviors than those who were moderately demanding or less involved.

Later attainment of a number of milestones has been found to be linked to a lower IQ, with the greatest associations being found for those related to language and social interaction.


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