This week in parenting: 15/4/17

Adverse early caregiving has been found to effect relationships and social functioning throughout the life span.

Unhealthy eating in teenagers has been found to be associated with depressive symptoms, poorer wellbeing and greater emotional difficulties.

A meta-analysis has shown that authoritative parenting is the most advantageous of all parent studies across culture, however the detriments of authoritarian and permissive parenting varies by culture.

Parental warmth has been found to be important in the ability of university students to forgive themselves and others.

Post-traumatic stress resulting from childbirth was found to impact on the child's adjustment at 18 months.

A study of Japanese adults found that those who judged their parents parenting as 'supportive' were more likely to have high earnings, a better educational career and a better overall sense of well being than those who judged their parents parenting as 'tiger', 'indulgent', 'uninvolved' or 'abusive'.

Authoritative parenting has been found to be linked to increased academic help seeking and resilience in university students.


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