This week in parenting: 29/4/17

Being bullied was found to increase the development of maladaptive thought patterns concerning rejection.

A study of preschoolers found that using a proven learning software on iPad increased the development of mathematics school over traditional mathematics lessons.

Parental hostility was found to increase behavioral problems in children in middle childhood, as did maternal inconsistency, paternal overprotection, maternal coercian in girls and maternal permissiveness in boys.

 Adaptive skills in children in middle childhood were found to be increased when warmth or an inductive parenting style increased while maternal inconsistency, paternal overprotection and maternal coercian all decreased these skills.

A period of infertility prior to a child's birth was found to be related to a lower academic achievement for all the children in the family.

Girls whose mothers were more distressed between the ages of 3 and 11 were found to show more risk-taking behavior and betting on a gambling task at the age of 11 compared to girls whose mothers were never distressed.


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