This week in parenting 18/12/13 - Health and teenagers (plus some parenting style stuff)

A study from cyprus has found a 2.2% increase in obesity rates and a 3.6% increase in overweight rates compared to 2000.

A study has found that children of smokers are far more likely to smoke than children of non-smokers regardless of the aamount or timing of the smoking

Establishing expectations and setting limits with your children about smoking has been found to decrease smoking rates, particularly if it comes from parents who are consistent about setting limits

A study of New Zealand beach goers found that most injuries sustained at the beach occur to children. Although they are mostly minor they suggest greater care giver awareness and use of appropriate protective clothing and footwear.

A study of women who had used ondasetron for nausea during their pregnancy did not find a significant increase in birth defects

A study has suggested that an ability to recognize emotions is very important in the formation of friendships for female adolesents

Positive parenting during adolescence has been found to cause better career outcomes in young adulthood. This includes more career satisfaction, career autonomy, career commitment and oncome.

A study has found that parenting affect teenage emotional regulation and psychosocial adjustment as much as teenager's lack of emotional regulation affects their parenting

Cold or critical parenting involving overlooking the signs that a child needs comfort or attention and ignoring a child's emotional needs has been linked again to anxiety in adolescence and adulthood

A relationship has been found between internet addiction and early bonding with both the mother and the father.
Risky environmental factors for adolescent substance abuse has been found to be mediated by personality traits. Specifically willingness to follow rules, social engagement and assurance, stress resilience and thrill seeking mediate the affects of peers, academic engagement, parent-child relationship quality and stressful life events.

Parenting style
A study of five year olds found that parenting style contributed to screen time but not as much as household environment (i.e. number and location of telivisions and computers)

A study has found that the negative effect of parenting styles changes depending on which parent has which style


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