This week in parenting research - 27/12/13

Child behavior
A hostile or coercive parenting style has been found to be linked to aggression in children.

study of six year olds found a permissive parenting style was positively related to disruptive, antisocial and outburst behavior; violence and hyperactive tendency.

study found that children who were paired with residents of a retirement home had more positive attitudes towards aging at the end of the program

Health and safety
study on the total time and supervision style of mothers up until the child is 36  months, has found more time is spent supervising girls and that the time spent supervising girls is more intense.

study has found that organised sports participation is associated with behavioral and emotional  benefits for children and is protective against negative parenting behaviors.

longitudinal study of Australian women from 2001 to 2010 has shown that alcohol consumption during pregnancy decreased during that time.

Mental health
A study on causes of anxiety in adolescence found maternal anxiousness at age 4 was the only good predictor

A systematic review has found that maternal mental health problems in the prenatal and/or postnatal period was associated with suboptimal global, behavioral, cognitive and socioemotional development

A significant relationship has been found between adolescent anxiety and paternal hostility and monitoring. Family financial circumstances were also found to moderate the relationship between father's parenting and adolescent anxiety.

Unhealthy weight control behaviors such as fasting, purging or the use of diet pills has been found to be more frequent in adolescents who are depressed.

A study of adolescents has found that parent's use of psychological control predicted increases in internalizing problems for both sexes and externalizing problems in girls. In boys, more parental knowledge about whereabouts, friends and activities predicted decreases in both externalising and internalizing problems.

Non-suicidal self injury has been found to be more common in adolescents with attachment anxiety, self esteem and self-efficacy issues

A study has found that adolescent pro-social behavior towards family, friends and strangers is associated with maternal warmth as well as the adolescents, gender, sympathy and ability to self-regulate


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