This week in parenting 5/3/14

Parents with depression can protect their children from the effects of this on their attachment if they do not display negative emotions towards them, it has been found.

Corporal punishment of children has been linked to children having callous-unemotional traits, particularly when parental depression was present.

Toddlers with a fearful temperament whose parents are protective have shown higher risk for social anxiety than those with a fearful temperament whose parents are not protective.

Children of permissive parents have shown better fundamental movement skills than children of authoritarian parents

A study of parents of obese children has found that they are less likely to implement lifestyle changes such as allowing children to self regulate their food intake, having family meals, reducing screen time and increasing physical activity

Parents who use an 'external control' feeding style are more likely to have children with higher BMIs while those whose feeding style alternates are more likely to have trouble at mealtimes, a study has found.

Authoritarian parenting and alienated attachment has been found to be related to increased desire for sex in adolescent girls

Positive youth development is defined by the prescence in the youth of confidence, caring, connection, competence and character. A study has found higher levels of positive youth development in those with authoritative and highly involved parents and with those who have a positive non-parental adult figure in their life.

Girls who are exposed to maternal interpartner violence have been found to be more likely to experience interpartner violence themselves in adolescence and early adulthood.


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