This week in parenting: 11/6/14

A study has found that authoritarian and authoritative parenting has a significant contribution to children's academic achievement.

A study of adolescents and parents found that negative parenting, including parent-adolescent conflict, was associated with anxiety, depression, agression, lower self esteem and lower school satisfiacation, even when the conflict occured one year ago. On the upside, current positive parenting was shown to decrease depression and lead to higher self esteem, future optimism and school satisfaction.

A study has found that both peer victimisation and harsh parenting contribute to cognitive changes associated with depression.

Think about the effects of racism on children. A study has found that minority children have higher levels of loneliness and children as do majority children if they have minority children for friends.

A study has suggested that parental modelling of executive functions such as attention, working memory and inhibitory control help children in developing these skills.


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