This week in parenting: 4/6/14

A study on the 1-2-3 Magic program has suggested it is effective in reducing child behavioral problems and dysfunctional parenting.

A study has found that obese students had a lower academic performance than those who were not obese.

Another reason to watch your child's diet. A study has found that fasting insulins were higher in teenagers with higher depressive scores.

Ineffective parenting practices including inconsistent discipline and poor supervision or monitoring have been found to be linked to psychopathy in juvenile offenders.

A study from Taiwan has found that parental conflict and parenting (interaction and support) in childhood had long term effects on adolescent health behavior.

A study has found that authoritative parenting is associated with higher academic achievement.

You and your child can feed off each others behavior over time. A study has found children who experience more negative parenting have lower self regulation skills and poorer behavior at age 2 to 3. At older ages, that poorer self-regulation results in poorer maternal mental health.

A study from the USA has found that mothers who intend to return to work before twelve weeks are less likely to intend to breastfeed.


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