This Week in Parenting: 11/9/14

study has found that adults who were raised in authoritarian households are more likely to be favourable of authoritarian and indifferent parenting and more unfavourable of authoritative, permissive and inconsistent parenting styles.

study has shown that insecure infant attachment status at 18 months predicted difficulty in neural regulation of positive affect at age 21.

study has suggested that parenting style relates to family functioning with authoritarian parenting correlating negatively with all functional patterns of family functioning and positively with all dysfunctional patterns.

Self-compassion is related to a wide range of positive outcomes and has been found to be affected by people's recall of low parental warmth.

Maternal depression has been found to affect infant heart rate and infant stress reactivity but only in interaction with certain characteristics of the mother's parenting style.

A study of Chinese parents found that those who had earlier expectations of their child's social competence were more likely to use authoritative parenting and more likely to report higher social competence in their child in preschool.

Behavioural Problems
A study has found that less than one quarter of children with mental health problems accessed general medical services for it and fewer still (0-16%) received specialist services. One of the biggest predictors of children accessing help was a parent realising that the behaviour was problematic.

A study has suggested that smoking during pregnancy is a risk factor for oppositional defiant disorder.

A study has found that chronically friendless children have significantly poorer theory of mind than those who are not friendless.

Exposure to positive parenting has been found to reduce behaviour problems in children with difficult/unadaptable temperaments.

study has found that in two different but neighbouring countries, parental warmth was negatively associated with child behaviour problems and punishment orientation was positively associated.

Students that bully other students have been found to state revenge most frequently as their reason for bullying.

A study has found children of mother's who work between 20-40 hours a week are more likely to have insufficient sleep compared to children of mother's who work fewer hours. Mother's who work over 35 hours a week or who have irregular work schedules are more likely to have insufficient sleep than those who do not but their children do not.

Mothers who work part-time have been found to have more sensitivity and provide more learning opportunities than mothers who are not employed, while mothers who worked full time were found to provide more learning opportunities than those who worked part time. These differences were only found in early childhood.

Parenting stress has been found to be associated with personality traits of the parent with high neuroticism being more inclined to parenting stress while those with high extroversion had lower levels of parenting stress.

A mother's attachment to their own mother has been found to affect their children's quality of life, through its effect on the mother's self-compassion and parenting stress.

study from Sweden found that the majority of parents who attended Child Health Services organized parental groups found the experience useful and 60% found someone to socialize with outside of the group.

A study from Hong Kong has found that the lowest odds of adolescent smoking are associated with authoritative mothers and permissive fathers.

In students already 'at risk' authoritarian parenting was found to decrease self-efficacy, mastery of goals and positive coping strategies and increase projective coping, self handicapping and suspensions.

Higher parental communication was found to decrease cigarette and marijuana use in female teenagers of Mexican heritage.

study on toothpaste as a treatment for acne found that Colgate was the most effective toothpaste to use and that white pastes were preferable. However the treatment was only found to be effective on whitehead pimples.


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