This week in parenting: 18/9/14

Behavioral problems
Non-supportive parenting indicated by rejection and chaos was found to be a significant predictor of aggression.

study has shown that authoritarian parenting was found to increase the risk of internalizing problems (anxiety, depression, somatic complaints) while authoritative parenting decreased this risk.

study has found that higher levels of parenting stress over long periods of time are related to somatic physical complaints in adolescents.

A study has found that parenting styles has a significant effect on self efficacy and mental health of university students.

It is suggested that differences in parenting styles may account for cultural differences on human capital formation, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The ability for teenagers to assert their own authority during mid-adolescence has been found to be influenced by maternal psychological control in early adolescence.

Maternal authoritative parenting has been found to moderate the effect of maternal depression on certain brain responsiveness and maternal positive parenting has been found to moderate the effect of paternal depression.

Maternal responsiveness has been identified as an important factor in improving verbal skills in slow to talk toddlers.

study has found that a combination of a particular genetic polymorphism and low maternal sensitivity had lower self regulatory behavior than infants with the same polymorphism but higher maternal sensitivity.

A higher BMI in fathers has been found to be linked to a higher BMI in their child, particularly for boys.

A study has found that mothers have significantly less depression, anxiety or stress, were less likely to be obese and had less sleep disturbances when they performed more self-selected leisure activities promoting health and well being.

Teenagers who use electronic media in bed were found to have less sleep and more sleep difficulties.

A study has shown an increase in parenting stress associated with increased distance to a natural water source as well as child mental health and physical problems.

A study has shown a drastic reduction in diarrhea illnesses in pre-primary school children following education on hand washing.

Children with difficulties with executive functioning have been found to have increased junk food consumption when they perceive their parents as eating more junk food


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