This week in parenting: 25/9/14

A study from Korea has found higher parental monitoring was linked to higher academic achievement.

A study from Australia has found that paracetamol overdose is the leading cause of acute liver injury in children with the majority being due to medication errors. This is either from double dosing, too frequent administration, using more than one medication containing paracetamol or using paracetamol for up to 24 days.

A study has found heavy episodic drinking ot be less common in children of authoritarian parents.

Authoritarian parenting has been found to increase the likelihood of extreme weight control behaviors in adolescent boys and girls.

Children, at risk for extrnalising behavior due to physiological changes have been found to be particularly affected by variations in mothers' power assertion and father-child interactions.

Child behavioral problems has been found to be related to maternal negativity in the presence of certain brain changes in the mother or high exposure to household stressors, no link was found with maternal negativity without these factors.

Parent's relationship with their baby at 3 months was found to be affected by the baby's temperament and their relationship during the pregnancy. For father's their relationship with their partner also affected bonding with the baby at 15 months.

A study has found that children who engaged in non-tasting sensory activities with food every day for four weeks were more likely to then taste the food than children who had not.

Authoritative parenting was found to be linked to informational identity style in adolescents, while authoritarian parenting was linked to confused identity style.

A study has found that 30 minutes of intense exercise results in 90 minutes of improved behavior in children with extreme behavioral problems in a classroom environment.

A study has found that adolescents who percieve their diet as more healthful consume more fruit and vegetables and less sugar sweetened drinks than adolescents who do not.


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