This Week in Parenting 27/12/14

Children with high negative emotionality have been shown to be more likely to develop anxiety or depression if their mother displayed high levels of warmth.

study has found that parental coercian was associated with increasing sensitivity to peer rejection and social anxiety symptoms and parental psychological control was associated with depression symptoms in teenagers.

Teenagers who have a temperamental trait called behaviour inhibition and had insecure-resistant attachment as babies were found to be at increased risk for anxiety disorders.

Fathers having an authoritative parenting style has been found to predict resilence in african american youth.

Parenting stress has been shown to influence parental involvement in African-American fathers.

Insecure adult attachment style has been found to put women at increased risk for post-natal depression.

A cochrane review has concluded that there is insufficient evidence of any treatment for nipple pain in new mothers but that pain decreased by 7-10 days in most cases.

Children with a higher BMI at age 3 have been found to be more likely to have problems with their peers and ADHD symptoms at age 4.


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