This week in parenting 3/10/15

Spontaneous comforting by mothers of toddler's involved in a fearful activity has been found to have a stronger relationship to their cortisol (stress hormone) levels than comforting requested by the toddler or the toddler's actual fear level.

Parental agression has been found to predict the extent to which children predict other's motives as being hostile in middle school and on.

A study has found no relationship between parenting styles and teenage alcohol use.

A study from Brazil has found that overweight and obese children are more likely to have poor cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and endurance and flexibility.

A study of preschoolers has found a concerning lack of knowledge about safety rules relating to riding in vehicles, crossing the streets, being lost or alone and playing with guns and matches or lighters.

Lower levels of parental monitoring has been found to increase the likelihoodd of disordered eating in teenagers.

Teenagers whose parents use a more democratic style of parenting (warm, supervisory, using rational explanation) were found to have more academic sucess, warmer friendships and a lower chance of smartphone addiction.

Your parenting can be influenced by your partners. A study of young children has found that the use of positive parenting behaviors by one parent can be predict the use of those behaviors a year later. Negative parenting behaviors by the mother were also found to predict negative parenting beahviors by the father later on.


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