This week in parenting 31/10/15

A study from Europe has found 11.8% of 12 - 36 month year old children have iron deficiency and 22.8% have vitamin D deficiency.

Mother and fathers who report dissatisfaction with their marriage and relationship have been found to experience more parenting difficulties and stress than those who are satisfied with their marriages.

Negative parenting has been found to be more common in parents of children with difficult temperament, with contributing factors from other genetic and environmental traits.

Individual variations in father's testosterone reaction when parenting their child in a stressful situation has been found to predict positive parenting behaviours.

Mother's belief in their ability to manage their anger and irritation was found to influence the likelihood of children behaving in delinquent manners through its effects on mother's belief in their abilities as a parent and on parental rejection.

Authoritative parenting was found to increase the likelihood of the child being creative while authoritarian parenting was found to decrease this.

A study has indicated the importance of forming quality connections to peers in primary school, in order to maintain mental well-being in high school.

'Red-shirting' has been found to not be beneficial to children with ADHD.

study from the Philippines has found that children are less likely to be bullied or a victim of bullying when they have a secure attachment with their parent. It also found that having an authoritarian father increased the likelihood of being a bully when the mother was permissive and increased the likelihood of being a victim of being a victim of bullying alone.

A Pakistani study has found that authoritative parenting style is associated with the lowest level of behavioural problems in teenagers.

A study of youth in detention centres found that parental empathy for their child and oppressing the child's power and independence were significantly related to the presence of conduct problems and the likelihood of the child re-offending.


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