This week in parenting: 27/2/15

Teenagers in year 9 (14-15) who reported receiving a concussion were found to be more likely to report more violent behavior a year later.

Teenagers were found to be less likely to be cyber bullies or victims of cyber victimization when parents had specific rules about internet usage and when parents were supportive of child's autonomy.

Another study has found a relationship between c-sections and ADHD.

Maternal mindfulness has been found to have a significant effect on the mother-child relationship in terms of attachment, involvement and parental confidence. It was also found to have an indirect effect in improving children's prosocial behavior and decreasing children's emotional symptoms, conduct problems, hyperactivity and peer problems.

Parental depressive symptoms have been found to be associated with withdrawn parenting for both boys and girls and intrusive parenting for boys only.

About 50% of parents were found to lack knowledge about their child's sleep needs and those who had insufficient knowledge reported more barriers in their child's bedtime.

Persistent picky eating that is picky eating that persists throughout all age groups, has been identified as a possible marker for developmental problems.

Corporal punishment by the father at the age of 2 has been found to be predictive of problem behaviors in children a year later, with the level of the effect moderated by the frequency of the punishments and whether positive or harsh parenting was also used.

Parental support of teenager's attempts at independence has been found to benefit the development of teenager's anger management skills while the opposite effect was found for psychological control.


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