This week in parenting 16/7/16

A study of elderly adults in China found that those who had recalled being parented in an authoritative and positive style had higher levels of resilience and lower depression and anxiety particularly compared to those who recalled being parented in an authoritarian style.

A review has indicated that some specific strains of probiotics may be beneficial for infant colic and irritable bowel syndrome but their use in childhood constipation is not yet indicated.

Parenting in early adolescence was found to predict the degree to which teenagers resemble their parents on five personality traits (anger-hostility, impulsiveness, vulnerability, assertiveness, excitement seeking and self discipline) with teenagers who felt rejected at the age of 11 being less like both parents at age sixteen. This was particularly marked for girls and when the rejection was from the father.

The strength of father's attitudes towards gender roles was found to be predictive of gender differences in children's aggression a year later by its effect on their differential use of physical control strategies.

More problem behaviors by children in grade 3 were found to predict more use of punitive discipline by mothers in grade 4 and more parental yielding to coercion, but the effect was not found to work the other way.


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